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CompuCram® Interactive Software Testimonials


I'm not sure I would have passed on the first attempt.

Frankly, I didn't think I would need CompuCram® but found it to be extremely valuable to prepare me for the test, which seems to be 'tricked up' a little. Your staff did a great job of presenting the material and without CompuCram®, I'm not sure I would have passed on the first attempt.
Bob Colosimo

I DID IT! On the first try!

I took my pre-licensing classes over 5 years ago but didn't take my exam until now. I purchased the CompuCram® Exam Prep Software to help me prepare for the test. After hearing the stats on how many people pass on the first try and knowing how long ago I took the classes I was very concerned. But I DID IT! On the first try! And I know it was because of the Exam Prep Software. Thank you!
Donna Ress

Well worth the investment!

The CompuCram® disc was fabulous! It was comprehensive, point-focused and time-efficient. I found a "learning curve" benefit by seeing improvement with each subsequent sample test. The variety of ways questions were asked and the repeated emphasis on key knowledge made passing the test the 1st time a reality. The anxiety I had when I first started the exam disappeared quickly because of the preparation I received from the crammer disc. It was well worth the investment!
Julian Manning

I would not have passed without it!

For anyone attending real estate licensing classes I would strongly recommend purchasing the CompuCram® CD before taking the licensing test. I personally would guarantee that I would not have passed the exam without it.
Robert Patton

Highly recommend!

I highly recommend the Crammer Disk to ensure you pass the first time! I used the disk after my class and passed the first time with an 88%!
Tammy Crawford

Very useful!

The CompuCram® was very useful. I loaded it at work and at home. I took lots of exams and practiced one last time before I took the state exam.
Karen Bowen

I haven't taken a test for 10 years and it has helped reassure me!

I think the CompuCram® software is awesome. If you had missed something in a class it's all on the CompuCram®. I haven't taken any long test since High school (10 yrs ago) and it's a little scary, but the CompuCram® software has definitely help reassure me it's possible.


Jessica Kennedy


Much better than other tools and more helpful!

The CompuCram® software was probably the only way I passed the test the first time.  It was just like the real thing and explained questions in great detail.  It was much better than other review tools and more helpful.


Jessica Hosfeld


With CompuCram® it was easy!

The CompuCram® software helped me pass the test. I tried reading the textbooks but that didn't work at all for me. Finally I just did the CompuCram® for a week, each day my score would improve, I saw the areas I was weak, focused on those. The review questions were great. I found it to be comparable to the test questions. I failed the National the first time around so I did the CompuCram® for a few days and VOILA it was easy!!!  I wish I had done it earlier, but oh well; you live and learn, right???  I highly recommend CompuCram®!!! Sometimes I just review it on my laptop even though I am already licensed just to be sure I retain what I learned.


Yolanda Cedrez


Most effective preparation tool!

The CompuCram® software was actually the most effective preparation tool that I used for my exams.  The book exams were good practice, but the immediate feedback that the software provides is immensely helpful.  After going through all of the sample questions and taking a few sample exams I felt that I had a firm understanding of areas that I needed more preparation and what to expect on the exam.


Rich Effler


The questions were similarly formatted to the exam!

The questions contained in CompuCram® were formatted similarly to how the exam formatted its questions. I had a feel of what to expect; there were no surprises.


Brandon Montague


Helped me tremendously!

The CompuCram® helped me tremendously with studying for the exam and understanding how the exam would be administered.  The questions were very similar to the questions on the exam which made it easier to process the information seen on the exam.


Dee Caldwell


If you can master CompuCram®, you can pass the test with ease!

CompuCram® is indispensable for studying. If you can master CompuCram®, you can pass the test with ease.


Bill Leib


Awesome…I would suggest it to all!

We are still using the CompuCram® as we have not taken our test yet.  It an awesome software program and I would suggest it to all who take the course.


Lynn Ratliff



The CompuCram® software was great – I like that I could review or take practice tests and then print out my results so that I knew what areas I needed to focus on.


Sandy Linville


Fantastic educational tool!

The most important part of the education process was the CompuCram® exam prep product. Not only does it build knowledge, but it builds confidence. Confidence is important on exam day as well as through out the process. If I am confident of my decisions, I am better able to move from one concept to another, (eliminating the problem of getting hung up on the previous concept and not moving forward or falling behind the pace). Fantastic educational tool!


Nick Oll


Helped me a great deal!

The CompuCram® software helped me a great deal as I kept taking the exams and researching questions that I answered incorrectly. I could concentrate my time where I needed it most.


Thomas L. Meek


An excellent tool!

I found the CompuCram® to be an excellent tool.


Michelle Goddard


Use it every night!

I am still preparing for the exam and use the CompuCram® disc every night to help me stay fresh and on top of the information.


Betsy Liska


It helped!

I went through most of the CompuCram® program using specific sections of it covering topics I knew I would have trouble with. I think it helped.


Thomas M. Broadwater


Very useful!

CompuCram® was very useful. I thought the repetition which appeared in the numerous exams/quizzes was very helpful.


Scott Rothey


Very useful!

My CompuCram® is very useful, I am glad I bought it. It is a back up for what I may have missed in any class that was confusing or unanswered questions I felt uncomfortable asking.


Kim Wright


Very helpful!

Due to a glitch in the exam registration program, I was delayed almost two weeks in scheduling the test after I completed the class. The CompuCram® software I bought from you was very helpful to me. It helped me study and keep the knowledge "in my head" during the delay. The review feature was really helpful. As I took the practice tests, I could jump to the review to get explanations for questionable or wrong answers.


John Hyter


Very helpful!

The CompuCram® Exam Prep Software was very helpful because it gave me another tool to use to student in the format of the test.


Christina Warner


Very easy to learn from!

I am studying with CompuCram® and I love it because it is very easy to learn from and the questions are good. I like how CompuCram® tells me my overall score on each section and how it gives an explanation of the answer at the bottom once you have answered the question.  The CompuCram® is the only thing that I am studying with right now.


Michelle Davis


Gives me focus!

The CompuCram® Exam Prep Software gives me focus so I can take and pass the licensing examination.  It is very easy to use and understand.


Jeff Lindstrom



I use CompuCram® quite a bit and I feel it reinforces what I already know. It also shows me the areas I need to review further.


Chris Minick


Without it, I would not have passed!

The CompuCram® exam prep software ended up being my main source of review.  I found it EXTREMELY easy to use and I am convinced that without it I would not have passed the state exam!


Sue Reed


Recommend to others!

I used the CompuCram® CD and I passed the test on my first try.  Because of this, I would recommend it to others.


Dave Disbrow


Helped tremendously!

CompuCram® helped me tremendously! I liked the fact that they gave you the answers right away so you could understand the reasoning behind the questions.


Jenny Mears


Well done!

I am enjoying the CompuCram® software.  I feel it is well done, helpful in learning and hopefully will provide me with enough knowledge to pass the first time.


Lori Davis


Helped me concentrate!

Besides using CompuCram® as a study tool, it offers solutions to the questions whenever I answered incorrectly.  It helped me to concentrate on the information that I didn't already know as well as maintain the information I had become familiar with.


Tracy Boraz


Very helpful!

The CompuCram® software was very helpful with my preparation of my test.


Kimberly Opfermann



The CompuCram® software was GREAT.  It gave me the opportunity to study at my own pace and my own time.  I could take a test and study the things I missed right then.  It also gave me an idea of how the questions would be worded – that really helped!


Lorie Strange



The CompuCram® is an excellent idea and has helped me learn a lot. Because I went through the prelicensing training in such a short time, it is great to be able to use this software. It gives me a chance to review, and answer questions and then check the ones I miss and review the answers.


Sheila Batheja


Good tool!

CompuCram® seems to be a good tool. I have certainly been using it and am increasing my overall score.


Patricia A. Swartz


Helped me prepare!

The CompuCram® helped prepare me for the test because when I got a wrong answer it told me the right one and WHY it was the right answer.


Sarah Wotton


Just like taking the exam!

The CompuCram® software is great.  It is just like taking the exam.  The review helps you to understand the answers more completely.


Sonya Wells


Very easy to use!

CompuCram® has really helped me see what I know and what I need to study more.  I like the format of the software – it's very easy to use.


Marie Smith


Helped me prepare for the layout!

CompuCram® helped me to prepare for the layout of the test.


Richard Myers Jr.


Good examples of test questions!

CompuCram® has good examples of test questions.


Delilah Miller


Helped me see my strengths and weaknesses!

I liked using CompuCram® just to get me used to the questions, practice my test taking skills and help me to retain what I was being taught. CompuCram® helped me to see where my strengths & weaknesses were.


Kyra Cory


Used it every day!

I used the CompuCram® after each day of classes, going over only the sections that my teacher covered that day & also the prior day. This helped me review & retain.


Susan A. Adams


Encourage anyone to purchase!

CompuCram® has been a great study guide. I would encourage anyone to purchase it

Betsy Makowski


Passed the first time!

I passed my exam the first time!  I used CompuCram® every day and studied it!


Kimberly Shook


Very informative!

I have been using the CompuCram® but I have not taken the test yet…The software is very informative and I feel like I am learning very much from it.


Erik Sweede


Very imressed!

I was very impressed with the CompuCram® software and felt that it played a key role in preparing me for the exam. The format and style of questions was so much like the real test that when I took the exam it was very comfortable and familiar. I am certain that the software played a major role in my confidence and preparedness.


Scott Estep


Exams were comparable to the real test!

I used the CompuCram® software to prepare for my exam. I used the review section first to remind me about all the details of different areas, and took about 7 exams to get the feel for how the actual test would be like. The exams compared with the real test asked very similar questions and really prepare you. When I was taking the exam I was more relaxed since I saw similar questions before on the CompuCram®.


John M. Tytko


Good range of questions!

CompuCram® showed me what areas I needed more study on and has a good range of questions.

Alicia Goecke

Recommend you purchase!

I would recommend that you purchase CompuCram®. By purchasing the CompuCram® I was able to go home after class every night and review or take a practice test to help me understand where my strengths and weaknesses were to prepare for the exam.


Robin Valentine


Provided the most benefit!

The resource I found that provided the most benefit was the CompuCram® software. CompuCram® software gave me additional questions to work with to keep the material fresh in my mind, since I was unable to schedule my test until 2 weeks after class ended. I passed the exam the first time and was surprised at how "easy" it was.


Lynn A. Solomon



CompuCram® Exam Prep software was great.


Sarena Allaby


A definite must!

The CompuCram® software is a definite must if you really want to know everything you will actually need for the exam. I think that the software gives students a great advantage as far as knowing what to expect.


Nikeya Honeywood



The CompuCram® tool was great!  Using it truly helped me unravel all the information in my head that I had taken in my courses.  I was able to make sense of the material and write notes that would help me to not only understand this information but to remember it.


Donna S. Reynolds


Take practice tests over and over!

CompuCram® allowed me to take practice tests over and over as many times as I needed to get comfortable with test questions.


Melody Gladwell


Helped target my problem areas!

CompuCram® Exam Prep software helped me target my problem areas after taking practice exams.


Kenneth J. Ostromek


Very valuable!

The CompuCram® was very valuable in preparing for the format of the questions asked.  With some of the same questions on the exam, it was helpful.


Sandy Peters


Really did help!

CompuCram® really did help. When I went for the test things did not seem as strange because of having used it.


Cynthia Arter


Helps a lot!

CompuCram® helps a lot with the proper study guide.


Yvonne Scott


Would not have passed without it!

I feel sure that without this CompuCram® I would not have passed the exam. Because of the software ...I felt very confident about the exam.


Maggie J. Robinson

Should have purchased earlier!

I should have purchased CompuCram® at the beginning because it turned out to be very helpful, just wish I would have had more time to use the practice tests.


Becky O'Neill


Helped me stay focused!

The CompuCram® software helped me to stay focused once started, because I could get an immediate answer and often understand why the question was asked and the purpose.


Jeanie M. Sandefur


The key to my success!

I used the CompuCram® for 2 weeks everyday before the exam and it was the key to my success.  At that point I focused only on the software, as I had already spent several weeks studying in the books.


James Beaver


Got me through the test on the first try!

I used the CompuCram® Exam Prep Software to learn what areas I needed to study more...CompuCram® got me through my test on the first try.


Jerry Walters


Made me feel at ease when I took the test!

By using the CompuCram® to review and prepare for the test I felt more at ease when taking the actual test.  CompuCram® also assisted me in being more aware of the questions and read each question carefully; that only one word would change the answer that I would select.


Kimberly A Rossetti


Helped me memorize!

CompuCram® helped me to memorize the information needed for the exam. I also liked when I got a question wrong it gave me the explanation.


Loni Johnson


Close to the actual exam!

The CompuCram® exam was excellent I felt very prepared for the actual test. There was a delay of a month or two, due to my personal schedule, before I took the test and it was very helpful. The format and the questions were very close to the actual state exam.


Ron Johnson


Without it I wouldn't have passed on the first try!

The CompuCram® Software was the key to studying for the test. Without it I wouldn't have passed on the first try!


Stephanie Omen


Very beneficial!

The CompuCram® material was very beneficial as it gave me an idea as to what I should expect, set me up for the environment that I would take the test in and had many of the questions used on the actual test, obviously in different forms but nonetheless, while taking the test, I recalled my practice sessions with CompuCram®.


Richard G. Welday


Helped with preparation!

CompuCram® Exam Prep Software helped with preparation by being readily available, having the ability to repeat the practice exams unlimited times, being able to review the results to better understand, and keeping a record of results to view progress and strong/weak areas.


Christine A. Stettin


Helped me target the areas I needed to study!

CompuCram® was helpful by helping me target the areas I needed to study.


Tammy Warren


I attribute passing on the first try to CompuCram®!!!!

The CompuCram® software was so valuable to me.  It really helped me get used to the types of questions that would be on the exam and it was good to have the repetition of the content.  I attribute passing on the first try to that program!!!!


Jennifer Gupta


Helped me identify weak areas!

The CompuCram® software really helped identify some of my weak areas in the study material.  The questions asked certainly put me in the test taking frame of mind.


Bryon Baylog


Showed me my strength and weaknesses!

The CompuCram® software helped me figure out which subject matter I needed to go back and review.  It showed me my strengths and weakness, which really helped me to use my study time most effectively.


Lisa Yunker


Feel much more confident!

I felt much more confident about taking the licensing exam after using the CompuCram®.  I really benefited from being able to review any questions I missed.


Judith Newman


Nice features!

I purchased the CompuCram® exam and was able to use the review section to study and familiarize myself with the different concepts to see how much material I knew and what areas I needed to focus on.  I especially like on the CompuCram® how in the review section that if you answered wrong, it not only gave you the correct answer, but also went in depth as to what answer should be and why.


Shelia Jeff


Great tool!

CompuCram® was a great tool.  Some of the review questions I hadn't seen before, so that helped me look at some of the material we hadn't covered in class.  I also took the tests several times to just reassure myself that I knew the material.


Amanda N. Lopez


Would not have passed without it!

Without the CompuCram® software, I would not have been able to pass. I hate to read and I had a hard time studying from books, but the CompuCram® was easy. That is all that I had to study to prepare for the exam.


Kari Eklins


A must!

The CompuCram® software is a must! It helped me review and take sample tests.


Melissa Sherman


Made a huge difference in preparation!

CompuCram® helped very much. I did the reviews and took lots of the practice tests and it really helped. I passed both national and state the first time!! The software ...really made a huge difference in being prepared.


Sherry Sartain


The key to helping me pass!

I think that CompuCram® was the key to helping me pass the test.  I liked how your score was only based on the questions you answered.  By going through the questions, I was able to get a better feel for what the test would be like.  It also helped me see exactly what I needed to review.


Kimberly Piepmeier


Gives you confidence!

CompuCram® prepares you to identify the way questions are asked...After awhile it gives you the confidence that you know your material.


Ken Nauman


I loved CompuCram®!

I loved CompuCram®!  I could do the practice, and then review. I liked that I could go back to the menu and check my status and find which area was really my weak spot and then I could concentrate more on that particular subject. I also liked that there were several practice exams, and I could see if I was "getting it" or not.


Donna Gilles


Showed me my weaknesses!

CompuCram® practice tests showed me in which parts of my licensing exams I was weak. This showed me where to focus my study time. Instead of studying sections that I had already mastered, I could focus my time on my weaknesses and bring them up to par.


Timothy Wise


An awesome tool!

The CompuCram® was an awesome tool to help me prepare for the test.


Heidi Garst


Worth every penny!

CompuCram® worked hand in hand with my course instruction. It just reaffirmed the notes I took during the class. The practice tests were exactly like the actual State test. It was worth every penny!


Jay Gundlach


Liked how it labeled questions!

I liked how CompuCram® labeled the questions with the area to reference.


Diane Setty